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                                                 Little Rock Cannery Usage SOP Guidelines

                                                              (Standard of Operations) December 10, 2020

Why become a member of the Cannery?

              As a member, enjoy exclusive members-only pricing and special perks. 

              This membership offers the best value for everything Cannery.

              Save on daily rates, Receive discounts on classes offered by the Hernando County Growers Association Staff.

              Sign up for Membership on-line at  Hernando County


2021 Membership fee: $50.00 in addition a Day Pass for Cannery usage will be: $10.00     

NON Membership fee: Day Pass for Cannery usage: $20.00


● An annual membership will be required per year (non-refundable). The membership will 

start January1 and end December 31, 2021. 

● A day pass can be purchased per person for non-members for $20.00

● A husband and wife are considered 1 (one) membership if they reside in the same 


● Any Adult child over the age of 18 and lives in their own household will be considered

independent and will need to pay a day pass or become an annual member. However, 

they may help the parent under the agreement of the cannery’s guideline. 

● Members are allowed a helper with no additional charge. Cannery’s definition of a helper. 

A helper is a person assisting the member with the cutting and peeling of the products in the prep

area. A helper will not be allowed in the kitchen. Helpers are not allowed to can their own items. 

Helpers must sign the waiver on the back of the member’s registration or they will not be 

allowed to participate. 


● Thank you for your donations: (produce, dry goods and supplies, etc). Please let us know if

your intention is for use at the cannery only or if we can repurpose it (offer it for small monetary

fee to offset the cost of operations). 

Daily Operations:

● Members will book online in advance to make an appointment. Be sure to state what you plan to can and

the amount...this is to ensure that we are not overbooked and everyone has time to complete

their canning. 

● Day users will be limited to 1 (one) pot (16 jars) so other users may be accommodated as well. If no

appointments are made for that day, additional pots may be available at the Cannery Operators Discretion. 

● Please call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel an appointment. Multiple cancellations may result in 

daily/membership being accessed fees, suspended or revoked. 

● The cannery staff can turn away walk-ins if the cannery is at capacity or there is not sufficient time to 

process items. 

● No child under the age of 13 is allowed in the prep or kitchen area. All children will be monitored by

parents at all times. Parents will have to sign a waiver of responsibility. 

● Only food and jars can be in the kitchen area. 

● The yellow counter with double sink is the only area that can be utilized for meat products. 

● All Members are responsible for leaving the cannery the way they found it, CLEAN. All members

will do their own dishes, clean prep area, wash canning racks, clean up their food scraps, be sure all 

trash is in proper outside receptacle and sweep and mop floors. Be considerate of others: wash and put 

away your equipment as quickly as possible as someone might be waiting to use it. Please wash and dry

the cart after loading your car. 

● All items must be in jars and ready for processing by 2:00pm. 

● The cannery or staff are not responsible for items left over night. The cannery or staff are not responsible

if jars don't seal or break in the canner. 

● Members & Non Members will be allowed to order produce/meats/etc from the cannery. There will be a 

handling fee per box/bag. Please make arrangements at least one week in advance with the cannery to ensure       

your items are available. 

● The member will supply their own supplies, ingredients, and recipe which will include the head space, 

pressure or water bath, and times needed to process safely. Please do not use supplies that do not belong

to you.

● Hernando County Growers Association. 

It’s employees, volunteers, members and guests will not tolerate harassment or bullying of any kind. Your 

membership will be cancelled and you will no longer be welcome in our facility. This includes verbal abuse

of other members, their helpers and anyone who may be present at the cannery. Please refrain from 

using language that is inappropriate in a public setting. Cursing, vulgar language and derogatory words

are not permitted and you will be asked to leave. If you conduct continues your membership will be 

suspended or cancelled as directed by the Hernando County Growers Association Directors. We reserve

the right to refuse membership or to cancel membership at any time.


Hernando County Growers' Association, Inc.

Your local growers are here for you, keep up to date with our Facebook Page during the Covid outbreak. Click on the Farmers Market link on the top of the page and visit our online market to purchase from your local growers. The Market is still going on at The Little Rock Cannery every Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. Stay Safe and Eat Local !!!

A Farm to Table initiative connecting Growers and Consumers through trust, commitment and partnership. There’s nothing more exciting than discovering fresh local produce straight from the farm right here in your own community.

The Hernando County Growers' Association is committed to connecting you with the freshest produce through our Brooksville Farmers' Market, Farm to School initiative and Farm to Restaurant program.

The Brooksville Farmers' Market is the most authentic Farmers Market in Hernando County.  At the Brooksville Farmers' Market, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Make a day trip out of it!

Check out our vendors and farmers on our Vendor page.


Brooksville Farmers Market

Sundays at the Cannery 11 am to 5 pm

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The Cannery General Store is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.


Farmers Market Sunday's Year-Round

11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

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