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New program helps low-income seniors/families afford farmer’s market produce

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

A new program is giving some Hernando County seniors and families better access to local fruits and vegetables.

The Hernando County Growers Association wants everyone to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Many growers are participating in a program that gives low-income seniors and families $40 to buy Florida grown fruits and vegetables at participating markets around the state.

“It removes the barriers so they no longer have to make the choice, am I going to buy vegetables or am I going to buy meat? Am I going to buy vegetables or am I going to buy milk?” said Michael DeFelice of the Hernando County Growers Association.

This program runs through October 5. To learn more or to sign up go to:

For more information visit or on Facebook  Hernando Growers Association will update their web site to include new dates and information.

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